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Memora Silver Necklace

Product Description

Embrace your true colours.

She wears the Memora necklace as a reflection of her inner world—the thoughts, beliefs, and aspirations that shape her essence. This necklace is more than mere adornment; it's a symbol of the power of thought and its profound impact on her soul.

Like her, this jewellery is imbued with depth and meaning. It symbolises her journey of self-discovery and inner growth, reminding her that the hues of her soul are painted by the colour of her thoughts she dreams about daily.

She is reminded to nurture thoughts of beauty, kindness, and positivity. Each glance serves as a gentle nudge to cultivate a vibrant inner landscape, rich with optimism and grace.

She becomes a living canvas—a testament to the transformative power of mindful thought. She inspires others to embrace the beauty within, knowing that true radiance begins with the color of one's thoughts.


316L Stainless Steel

Set with a naturally sourced Zircon Diamond


Designed in England, Great Britain

Limited to 500 handmade pieces


Product number: ESME316

Warranty: Lifetime

Returns: Free 30-Day Return Policy


Chain size: 44.5cm (17.5 inches) or 57.5cm (22.6 inches)


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What Our Customers Think

Our focus on quality is undeniable. The feedback we receive from those who invest in an Emerton Scott piece makes us proud of our values and standards.
"I fell in love with the delicate designs. The necklace I bought makes every outfit special."
Emma Brown
Paris | France
"The necklace is simply stunning. It arrived quickly and were beautifully packaged."
Sophie Miller
Sydney | Australia
"I received so many compliments on my bracelet. It's elegant and well-crafted."
Isabella Chen
New York City | USA
"The necklace exceeded my expectations. It's my new favorite piece and goes with everything in my wardrobe."
Lily Johnson
Toronto | Canada
"The customer service was exceptional. They helped me pick the perfect gift for my sister."
Elena Rossi
Rome | Italy
"I adore my new necklace. It's a symbol of elegance and craftsmanship."
Anna Petrov
Moscow | Russia
"The necklace I bought is so dainty and beautiful. It arrived right on time for my anniversary."
Mia Nguyen
Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam
"I'm impressed by the quality of my new necklace. It's just perfect for both work and evenings out."
Emily Smith
London | England
"I've been eyeing this necklace for months. Finally owning it feels like a dream come true."
Charlotte Davies
Auckland | New Zealand
"The necklace I received is exquisite. It adds a touch of elegance to my everyday attire."
Hannah O'Reilly
Edinburgh | Scotland
"I adore the craftsmanship of my new necklace. It's a piece I'll cherish for years to come."
Sofia Santos
Lisbon | Portugal
"The necklace is even more beautiful in person. It arrived safely and well-packaged."
Aisha Khan
Karachi | Pakistan
"The customer service was fantastic. They helped me find the perfect gift for my best friend."
Ines Dubois
Brussels | Belgium
"I received so many compliments on my necklace. It's a true work of art."
Anya Ivanova
Sofia | Bulgaria
"The necklace is simply breathtaking. It's my new favorite piece of jewelry."
Lara Costa
Lisbon | Portugal
"I'm impressed by the quality of the necklace. It's sturdy yet delicate."
Rosa Morales
Santiago | Chile
"The necklace is simply stunning. It arrived quickly and were beautifully packaged."
Mila Popovic
Belgrade | Serbia
"I love the design of my new necklace. It's both modern and timeless."
Anna Sokolova
Kyiv | Ukraine
"The necklace exceeded my expectations. It's so elegant and well-crafted."
Leila Hamidi
Tehran | Iran
"I'm thrilled with my new ring. It's unique and catches everyone's attention."
Nina Kovac
Zagreb | Croatia
"The necklace is elegant and arrived in a gorgeous package. Perfect for gifting."
Chiara Romano
Milan | Italy
"I received my necklace as a gift and it's absolutely beautiful. I wear it every day."
Celine Leroux
Geneva | Switzerland
"The necklace is so delicate and pretty. It's become my everyday staple."
Ava Thompson
Dublin | Ireland
"The customer service was exceptional. They answered all my questions promptly."
Milena Novak
Prague | Czech
"I'm in love with my new necklace. It is even more stunning in person."
Luna Silva
Buenos Aires | Argentina
"The necklace is exactly what I was looking for. It's elegant and suits my outfits perfectly."
Sophie Meunier
Montreal | Canada
"I'm impressed by the quality of the necklace. It's beautifully crafted."
Elena Petrova
Sofia | Bulgaria
"The necklace arrived just in time for my sister's birthday. She loved it!"
Jasmine Lee
Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia
"The necklace is just perfect for both casual and formal wear. It's so versatile and goes with anything."
Karina Santos
Lima | Peru
"I'm so pleased with my necklace. It's unique and adds a touch of glamour to my style."
Leila Khalifa
Casablanca | Morocco
"The packaging was beautiful and the necklace inside is absolutely lovely."
Yuki Tanaka
Osaka | Japan
"I received my necklace quickly and it's even more stunning than I expected."
Maria Costa
Barcelona | Spain
"The necklace I bought is so elegant. It makes me feel sophisticated every time I wear it."
Lila Chen
Taipei | Taiwan
"The necklace is gorgeous and fits perfectly. It's my go-to piece for special occasions."
Anastasia Ivanova
St. Petersburg | Russia
"The attention to detail in the necklace is remarkable. It's my new favorite accessory."
Eva Fischer
Vienna | Austria

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